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We know it can be a little scary to have someone you don't know coming into your home. That's why An  Animal Lover’s Pet Sitting Service takes the time and effort to seek out only the best caregivers for your pets) and your home! 


Our caregivers treat each pet like they would treat their own. We pride ourselves on punctuality, dependability, and (most importantly) animal adoration. If you and your pet aren't happy, neither are we. An Animal Lover’s Pet Sitting Service is staffed by "animal people" who have experience and training caring for animals of all shapes and sizes. 


What kind of person does it take to be a pet sitter? A dedicated one! Our pet sitters have a real sense of commitment to be there weekends, holidays, or at any given moment in an emergency. That takes a special type of person. Ask them why they do it and they will say, "Because we love it!" They get a great deal of satisfaction from caring for your animals and their commitment

is rewarded by pets that are happy to see their pet sitters time and time again. Our sitters are dedicated not only to the job but to the company itself.

At An Animal Lover’s Pet Sitting Service you and your pet's happiness is our main concern.


My name is Tanya Farris-Steward, owner of An Animal Lover’s Pet Sitting Service. Animals are my life and have been since I was a little girl. I am a licensed veterinary nurse with over 25 years’ experience in the veterinary and pet sitting industry. I have worked for several different hospitals, small animal, exotic, and emergency facilities as well as working with my own pet sitting clientele. I joined An Animal Lover's Pet Sitting Service in 1998. I loved the company and clientele so much, I purchased the company from the original owner in 2002 and have been providing professional pet sitting services in the area for the past 20 years.

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